Lavasa Hill City
Free India's First and largest Hill City

Education in Lavasa City


When you build a city over 25,000 acres and 50,000 employment opportunities, one thing you'll keep in mind is the huge influx of people who will come down and settle in, making it their native places. In such a big area, demand for education has to be huge and Lavasa has pretty thought out plans for education as it expects a total influx of over 10,000 students. Lavasa attracts international academic institutions as well as prestgeous institutes from India. There will also be sports academies for golf, tennis, etc.


Some of the upcoming Educational Institutions at Lavasa are:

SBS, Oxford University

Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne

IBR, Berlin University

GDST Schools, UK

Christ University

NSHM Knowledge Campus

Symbiosis University