Lavasa Hill City
Free India's First and largest Hill City

Lavasa Women’s Drive 7th March 2010

Lavasa Women’s Drive was held today, 7th March 2010 at Lavasa Hill City, Pune. The program was held in celebration of the 100th year of International Women’s Day.

About 1200 women were chosen for the occasion. The competition was held across 43 countries both online and via SMS. The lucky participants drove down to Lavasa to show their support for the cause of Cancer Prevention through Early Detection. Lavasa Women’s Drive 2010 started from Mumbai and ended in the hill city of Lavasa. The event saw live performances, makeovers and treats.

Lavasa, as well know, is dedicated towards providing the best in terms of urban infrastructure, with leading education institutions, cool hotels, lakefront resorts, closer to nature living conditions and non-polluting industries. Lavasa is created among 7 hills and has 60 kms of lakefront. Come to Lavasa and experience the harmony with nature…

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