Lavasa Hill City
Free India's First and largest Hill City

Lavasa Villas, Properties and Lavasa Apartments


Lavasa Hill City offers stay accommodations similar to what dreams are made of. Picturesque locations, green all-around, nature at your door steps and situated in between that your dream villas and apartment properties. Lavasa has already sold 1400 residential apartments and is equipped with 1000 hotel rooms, and has a capacity for 10000 students.


Lavasa Villa Accommodations


Lavasa Villas are situated on the hillsides and stretch up to the town square on the waterfront. Each villa has been developed in a specific manner and design so that you can get the bvest view of the surroundings.


Here's the various sizes in which the villas in Lavasa are availabe:

Half Acre 4198 sq. ft., 4898 sq. ft., 4679 sq. ft.
One Third 3295 sq. ft, 3396 sq. ft., 3572 sq. ft., 3933 sq. ft., 3396 sq. ft.
One Fourth 2515 sq. ft.
One Fifth 2600 sq. ft., 2729 sq. ft.
One Eighth 2060 sq. ft., 2093 sq. ft., 2710 sq. ft., 2380 sq. ft.


Apartments and Properties at lavasa


Lavasa Apartments are inspired by Italian designs in the village of Portofino, Italy. Situated at the lake edge in Lavasa, these apartments are well planned and equipped with all modern amenities, including home automation and digital experience.


The apartments and properties at Lavasa are available in the form of studio apartments to 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3 BHK apartments.